The Best Dentist in Olathe Provides Info About Our Teeth Health While We Sleep

Best Dentist in Olathe

The Best Dentist in Olathe Provides Info About Our Teeth Health While We Sleep

We spend around one-third of our lives in bed sleeping. While we are asleep, our bodies are hard at work mending themselves, purging themselves, and getting ready for the following day.

However, many people wake up with a feeling of dry mouth in the morning. When we first wake up, our tongue and throat both have a parched and dry feeling.

It is common for people, especially those over the age of 65, to suffer from dry mouth. The amount of saliva that we produce might decrease by as much as forty percent as we become older. The result is more than simply annoying, frustrating, and aggravating in its own right. The state of our dental health and overall wellbeing may be significantly influenced by a dry mouth according to the best dentist in Olathe.

Saliva is necessary for us because it neutralizes the acidic byproducts that bacteria that cause tooth decay produce. The first enzymes that are necessary for digestion may be found in the saliva. Bottom line? A dry mouth is more than just an irritation to have. It is possible for it to have an effect on the whole human body.

There are two significant elements that contribute to this situation, according to the best sleep dentist in Olathe.

Best Dentist in Olathe

The best dentist in Olathe explains xerostomia more in-depth.

The first condition is called xerostomia, and it’s a medical ailment that causes dry mouth. This happens when there is not enough saliva in our mouths. It is more difficult to chew, taste, and swallow food when saliva is present. Even talking might become difficult for the individual. Anyone who has ever given a speech in public while suffering from dry mouth will speak to the difficulties of the situation.

Dry mouth can be caused when saliva production is insufficient from the salivary glands in our mouth according to a dentist in Olathe. Sometimes, this is a sign that our body is dehydrated and does not have enough of the necessary fluid to produce saliva. If this is the case, maintaining a healthy level of hydration could be helpful.

If you use mouthwash before going to bed, you should steer clear of varieties that include alcohol. Alcoholic mouthwashes often have a drying effect on the oral tissues they come in contact with.

Dry mouth can be caused by a number of factors, including some medications, radiation therapy, smoking, and even illnesses such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.


The best dentist in Olathe explains the repercussions of breathing through your mouth.

When you wake up with a dry, scratchy throat, it’s likely because you breathed through your mouth instead of your nose while you were sleeping. It is normal for our mouth to fall open during sleep, which enables us to breathe via our mouths instead of our noses.

It is possible that nasal congestion, illness, or anatomical difficulties are the root cause of mouth breathing. If there is a blockage in your nasal passages, your body will automatically turn to the mouth as the sole remaining oxygen-supplying channel.

Mouth breathing can be caused by a number of medical conditions according to the best sleep dentist in Olathe, including a deviated septum, swollen adenoids, or tonsils.

People who suffer from sleep apnea often develop the habit of sleeping with their mouths slightly open. Mouth breathing has been linked to a reduction in the amount of oxygen carried by the blood, an increase in the risk of developing high blood pressure and heart failure, and an increase in the prevalence of periodontal disease.


The best dentist in Olathe discusses making use of these remedies for dry mouth.

If you sleep with your mouth open and breathe through your mouth according to a dentist in Olathe, you may find the following two tips helpful.

Sticking these self-adhesive strips on your nose is how you use nasal strips. Nasal strips are elastic bands that have the springiness of a coil and are placed right above the flare of the nostrils. They work by slowly expanding the airways, which results in better breathing.

It is possible that purchasing a roll of surgical tape from your neighborhood drugstore is all that is required to enjoy a more restful night’s sleep, along with the related health benefits, according to a sleep dentist in Olathe. Just before you go to bed for the night, dab a little bit of this on your lips. In the event of an emergency, you can make it easier to remove the item by folding back a little flap on one or both sides.

If you suffer from dry mouth, you should see the best dentist in Olathe and take action to treat this common yet serious health concern. It has an impact not only on your teeth and gums but also on the quality of your sleep as well as your overall health and fitness.


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