Our Dental Wellness Program

Are you wondering about dental insurance? We are often asked if there is a plan available to meet our patients‘ individual dental needs.

We are excited to offer an alternative to insurance in our practice!   This program is not insurance. It starts by simply pre-paying (with a hefty reduction) for the basic diagnostic and preventative services that most patients need in one calendar year. Any additional dental treatment recommended and completed within those 365 days is available at a 14% savings.


$645 Adult Pre-paid Annual Membership
(over $180 in savings for those basic services)

$505 Child Pre-paid Annual Membership
(over $200 in savings for patients under 13 years old)

New Prices Effective 2024

Waters Davidson Membership Program Details:

Membership fee includes 2 professional cleanings, 2 oral evaluations,  yearly routine radiographs (bitewings), 2 fluoride varnishes, and 15% off of other necessary dental services.

  • Treatment to be paid at time of service with cash or check
  • Products are not included in the savings program
  • Program designed for patients of Waters Davidson Dentistry without dental insurance
  • Family members do not need to have the same start date
  • This is not an insurance It is a patient courtesy program for those without dental insurance
  • We reserve the right to change or cancel the program. If the program is cancelled the unused portion will be credited to your account