Why is My Tooth Gray? Important Info from an Olathe Dentist

What is a dead tooth, and does that mean I need a root canal? The best dentist in Olathe says most likely yes. Your treatment will most likely be extraction or a root canal. You do not want an infection in your mouth to spread to the airway, bloodstream, or brain. Infections in the mouth [...]

A Leading Family Dentist in Olathe Talks Healthy Teeth

Baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth, so it's crucial that parents keep their children's teeth clean and healthy. Unfortunately, there is a common assumption that since baby teeth fall out, good dental habits as a kid aren't necessary. However, the best family dentist in Olathe can tell you that is far from [...]

A Top Family Dentist in Olathe Explains the Stages of Tooth Development

Everyone knows you have two sets of teeth your baby teeth and your adult teeth. These are sometimes called your primary and your secondary teeth by the best family dentist in Olathe. Good dental hygiene is important at all stages, according to Olathe dentists. Let's talk about each stage and what it means. Growing Baby [...]

A Top Dentist in Olathe Gives 5 Easy Dental Tips for Back-to-School Season

It’s that time again. You are shopping with your mom; all your appointments have been made. You went to the best family dentist in Olathe and had your check-up this summer. Maybe you are a teen and got braces on? Whatever boat you are in, school is almost here, and it is time to resume [...]

Ways to Make Dental Hygiene a Priority for Your Family

We all are busy with sporting events, kids' practices, school, and our crazy work schedules. It can be hard to remember to keep dental care and hygiene as a high priority. However, it is essential for our overall health and wellness. Some ways make it just a bit easier to remember when you have a [...]

Why Family Dental Care Is So Important

A regular dental routine and scheduling visits to your dentist office in Olathe are both essential for your mouth and teeth health. Many people choose dentists for specific age groups, while others prefer choosing the best family dentist in Olathe to provide care for the entire family. This article will discuss why people choose a [...]

Tips from a Family Dentist in Olathe on Keeping Your Teeth Strong

Keeping your teeth strong as you age is something you might struggle with. Lifestyle, foods, and nutrition all play a significant role in the health and strength of your teeth. It is always important to stick to your daily oral health routine and visit an Olathe dentist office regularly for cleanings and exams. During each [...]

Healthy Meal and Snack Ideas to Keep Your Teeth Healthy This Summer

Summertime is a time when people appreciate being off a schedule. Most caretakers do not want to cook meals all day for their kids and often find themselves short-order cooks. Sometimes this translates to lots of snacking and unhealthy meal options for families. However, there are many healthy options that can be low maintenance and [...]

What Might Be Causing Your Sensitive Teeth?

It’s safe to say that probably all of the best Olathe dentists have treated someone who has experienced a sensitive tooth or teeth. There are many factors that can cause sensitive teeth and pain. In this article, we will discuss the most common reasons why people experience tooth sensitivity and some ways to get some [...]

Common Tooth Complaints and How to Treat Them

Your mouth health is extremely important to prioritize when thinking about your overall well-being. Taking time to visit a dentist office in Olathe regularly is essential to making sure your teeth are in perfect shape to do their job. Regular dental visits can help detect any potential problems before they develop into large issues, saving [...]