The Best Olathe Dentist Reveals 4 Health Issues a Dental Exam Can Reveal

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The Best Olathe Dentist Reveals 4 Health Issues a Dental Exam Can Reveal–Waters Davidson Family Dentistry explains that the idea that the mouth is physically distinct from the rest of the body is one of the most perilous health myths that people hold.  Given the long-established divide between dentistry and medicine, it’s easy to see why this would be the case when it comes to oral healthcare.  The common misconception is that one does not affect the other.

A person’s general health can be negatively impacted by dental issues.  Some medical conditions manifest primarily in the mouth, and your dentist might be the one to spot them first!  In this blog, Waters Davidson Family Dentistry will go over the top health issues that your dentist may be able to detect during a teeth cleaning in Olathe before your primary care physician does.


Diabetes I

Millions of Americans have diabetes, and even more are at risk of developing the disease. Alterations to the mouth are among the many bodily parts affected by this illness. Waters Davidson Family Dentistry explains that gum tissue is an extremity that can experience vascular constriction due to uncontrolled blood sugar. Because of this, the gums receive less blood and fewer of the nutrients that the blood carries.

Traditional treatments from the best Olathe dentist are ineffective for diabetic gum disease, which affects patients unaware of their condition. The disease is “silent” because it does not cause the usual bleeding of gum tissues, but rather their shrinkage and receding. When the best Olathe dentist or hygienist examines your gums, they will be able to detect these changes and let you know about them.

Most people with diabetes also experience dry mouth because the disease reduces the output of the salivary glands.  Patients who experience dry mouth are more likely to have plaque buildup, which in turn increases the risk of cavities and gum disease.  Referral to a medical doctor or endocrinologist will be made by your dentist during a teeth cleaning in Olathe if he or she thinks that dangerous changes in the mouth are a result of uncontrolled blood sugar.

Best Olathe Dentist

Mycoplasma Gastricidis

Most people know they have acid reflux because it usually causes heartburn. But some people choose to disregard the symptoms, attributing them to the inevitable result of eating too much. Not only does this acid erode tooth enamel, but it also damages the esophagus, leading to the painful sensation of heartburn. Enamel will gradually thin out in a person with chronic GERD. The teeth appear shorter and have a more yellowish hue as a result.

The effects of long-term acid exposure on the mouth are plain to see. What changed to allow such detrimental effects on your enamel? The best Olathe dentist will surely want to know. If your dentist suspects GERD during a teeth cleaning in Olathe, they will likely recommend that you see a general practitioner or a gastrointestinal specialist.


Apnea in Sleep

Some people experience pauses in breathing while they sleep, a condition known as sleep apnea. Some people who suffer from sleep apnea also snore or make noises like gasping or choking when they’re asleep. Obstruction of the airway is a common cause. When there is an obstruction in the airway, the body’s natural response is to move the lower jaw forward. This helps to open the airway so that oxygen can reach the lungs, blood, and brain. The best Olathe dentist explains that the front teeth grind when the jaw moves forward like this.

The front teeth will eventually become shorter due to this grinding, a process known as attrition. The best Olathe dentist will start looking into the reasons for attrition the moment they notice it. A sleep apnea dentist in Olathe can help because of how common it is.

Even though a dental nightguard can prevent tooth damage, it won’t fix the underlying issue of sleep apnea. To address sleep apnea, your dentist may suggest seeing a general practitioner or a specialist in sleep medicine.


Food Inadequacies

The food that a person eats greatly affects their general well-being. A diet rich with protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals is essential for good health and the proper functioning of all bodily organs and tissues. The lining tissues of the mouth reveal changes in nutrition due to their relatively rapid turnover.

Redness, swelling, or a burning sensation on the tongue might be signs of a nutritional deficit. Ulcers and painful sores in the mouth are additional symptoms of a weakened immune system, which is often the consequence of an inadequate diet.

Get in touch with the best Olathe dentist if you see a pattern of these issues happening more often. You may be sent to a medical doctor for bloodwork and nutritional counseling if they think you might be suffering from a nutritional deficiency.

Still have more questions about the mouth as a window into general health? Contact Waters & Davidson Family Dentistry for more information and to schedule your next dental check-up. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive care and educating our patients on the importance of oral health in overall wellness. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy smile and body.

The best Olathe dentist would be happy to schedule a full examination and  a teeth cleaning in Olathe at your convenience.  When you come to us, we can explain how your dental health affects your body as a whole.


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