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It turns out that the lessons our mothers instilled in us at home as children actually do apply to many situations throughout our adult lives, regardless of how much we would like to ignore, reject, or roll our eyes at them. It’s not always better to be bigger. “The size of the fight within the dog matters more than the size of the dog in the fight.” “Quality is more important than quantity.”

While it might not have been Mom’s original intention when she gave out her universal advice, the same principles hold true when it comes to picking your family dentist.

Choosing Waters Davidson, who many consider the best dentist in Olathe, you’ll be receiving dental care from a compassionate, hometown dentist, to handle your family’s dental needs. We truly fall into the “always knows best” category.

Check out our list of the top ten advantages of picking your local dentist if you’re in the Olathe, Kansas area and in need of specialized dental care or a thorough cleaning. You’ll also discover some of the benefits that Waters Davidson offers, and why many consider us the best dentist in Olathe.


  1. Less overhead (and less unreported expenses).

Speaking of widely accepted facts, we can all agree that larger companies have correspondingly higher financial overhead. Chain dental offices require a lot more money to keep the lights on and those luxurious reclining chairs, well, reclining. This is due to a variety of factors, including more expensive office space, marketing costs, and licensing fees for that national brand name. Customers will pay a portion of these expenses, usually in the form of extra services.

Your local dentist in Olathe can use more conventional business strategies, like investing in smaller office buildings and performing the additional administrative legwork on their own time, to avoid charging you an arm and a leg for that extra-fluoridated fluoride treatment or gold-plated bridge and crown set. To put it briefly, the main objective of your neighborhood Waters Davidson, the best dentist in Olathe, is to satisfy individual patients rather than corporate investors, which benefits the patients the most.


  1. Individualized care.

If you’ve ever gone to a conventional, well-known general dentistry practice in Olathe, you are aware that spending less time with your dental professional is frequently a trade-off for brand recognition. These mega-institutions usually have to fit more patients per dentist because of the previously mentioned emphasis on profit.

Now, don’t misunderstand us. Dental assistants have their own set of qualifications and needs, but all Olathe dental offices must uphold the same minimal standards for professionalism, education, and patient care. But if you’re like us and prefer to get your oral advice directly from the horse’s—err, dentist’s—mouth, you should find a hometown dentist in Olathe like Waters Davidson who can afford to spend more time with each individual patient.


  1. Individualized attention TOO!

Quality is just as important as quantity when it comes to personalization when it comes to dental care. Corporate restrictions, which frequently determine the kind or timing of procedures, do not apply to your neighborhood dentist. Regular teeth cleaning in Olathe can treat minor tooth decay, and wisdom teeth removal is not necessary unless they pose a risk to your general or oral health. Every person’s oral hygiene journey is unique, and nearby dentists have the knowledge and expertise to assist in creating a customized strategy that fits your needs both financially and lifestyle-wise.

Best Dentist in Olathe
  1. Customer service that is reachable.

Everybody has experienced frustrating interactions with external customer support representatives. It can be a frustrating process to deal with someone who needs to catch up with your account when you have billing or scheduling questions, whether it’s someone in the corporate office miles away or someone in a generic “let me get my supervisor” outsourced bullpen scenario.

Internal support personnel are frequently used by your neighborhood Waters Davidson, the best dentist in Olathe, to handle everything from co-payment collection to follow-up appointment scheduling. In the event of an error or the need to notify staff that you will be running a few minutes late, patients can feel secure knowing that at hometown dentists like Waters Davidson, they will always find a knowledgeable and personable staff member available to help or address any concerns. Even if you need a care credit dentist in Olathe, we are your number one choice.


  1. Better aftercare.

In keeping with the theme of individualized care, smaller community dentist offices can also offer follow-up procedures that work with your hectic modern schedule. Larger, regional offices will use text alerts or maybe a phone call that falls into place just as you’re finishing up Monday meatloaf. A kind receptionist or staff member from the best dentist in Olathe will frequently want to take the time and care to talk to their patients. It might be a reminder about the need for a biannual cleaning or to follow up on how little Johnny or Debby is doing with a cavity that they just had fixed.


  1. Assemble a rapport with your dentist.

We wouldn’t classify an intense feeling of happiness as a typical response to an impending dental hygiene appointment. Anybody who has ever suffered from “dentophobia” will tell you that a patient and dental professional must have a relationship based on trust. Being able to trust and get to know your local dentist in Olathe is one of the best ways to dispel the myth of the person wearing rubber gloves, goggles, and a mask prodding into your dental cavity.

The same trustworthy personnel will be available for your visits at smaller, hometown offices. Your Olathe dentist office has a lower turnover than many larger practices, so you can rely more on the personal relationships you develop during your individual visits rather than the seemingly never-ending parade of new faces.


  1. And you get to know the best dentist in Olathe.

When it comes to gaining a thorough understanding of your medical and dental needs, sticking with the same primary care physician for a long time is always advantageous. An Olathe dentist is in a far better position to notice even the smallest changes in your oral health. Whether you need a laser therapy dentist in Olathe to do something drastic or just general dentistry for teeth cleanings in Olathe.

Furthermore, the best dentist in Olathe can establish the level of familiarity required to genuinely understand your personal preferences. Do you possess a delicate palate? Your dental assistant will be aware that those annoying yearly x-rays require extra caution. Do you feel cold when you eat? To help you avoid a brain freeze during your visit, it will be noted in your chart. But don’t worry, the best dentist in Olathe is still aware of your indecision when it comes to making that crucial decision between a teeth cleanser with a cherry or bubble gum flavor.

Best Dentist in Olathe
  1. They treat you like family.

We’re not talking about family in the way that strange great-aunt Edna pinches your cheeks and says, “My how you’ve grown,” at Christmastime get-togethers. However, what we really mean is that there’s a good chance you’ll run into your dentist at the neighborhood supermarket, church, or civic association meeting. Although the best dentist in Olathe might take this as an opportunity to remind you that it’s time for your routine teeth cleaning in Olathe, we think your mouth will agree that going to a nearby dentist office still has its benefits.


  1. You’re contributing to the community.

When it comes to spending our hard-earned money, it appears that every year, modern life tends to pull us farther away from our homes. In addition to receiving the kind of individualized, careful care we’ve just discussed, going to a local dentist will help the community and local businesses.

Local dentists in Olathe support volunteer organizations and chambers of commerce in their community in addition to employing a full staff of dental hygienists and administrative specialists. Whether it is for shopping or getting dental work done, using your hard-earned money closer to home benefits your family and the community.


  1. Reviews you can rely on.

One of the biggest advantages of selecting a dentist from your hometown is that you can consider recommendations from reliable friends, coworkers, or family members regarding the experience and reputation of a particular office. Excellent testimonials from local residents you know, and trust are far more trustworthy than anything you’ll find on the website of that big national chain store.

The experiences and smiles of our locally raised patients speak for themselves at the offices of Waters Davidson. the best dentist in Olathe has a comprehensive range of services, coupled with the outstanding level of care we offer, will leave you with a smile you can be happy to show off to others. From orthodontia to complex teeth and mouth restorations. To discover the difference a hometown dentist can make, Waters Davidson cordially invites you to get in touch with us right now for a free consultation or more information.



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Your pleasure and comfort are our first concerns at Waters Davidson in Olathe. Let’s face it, nobody likes to have a stressful dental appointment, so we want you to feel comfortable while visiting us. Our dentists specialize in tooth reshaping and are determined to go above and beyond your expectations and provide you with a confident smile! Our goal is to simplify your life with easy scheduling too!

Discover the difference at Waters Davidson Family Dentistry, a top laser therapy dentist in Olathe. We will help create smiles that will turn heads! Schedule a consultation with our general dentistry practice in Olathe right now to begin your path to flawless oral health and radiant smiles!