Olathe Dentist Office: 7 AMAZING Tips on Veneers

Olathe Dentist Office

Olathe Dentist Office: 7 AMAZING Tips on Veneers

The thought of getting veneers made of porcelain sounds good to you. If that’s the case, we invite you to visit our  Olathe dentist office so Waters Davidson can determine whether this dental procedure is right for you. To determine if veneers are a good fit for your oral health, the best dentist in Olathe will carefully examine your teeth and gums at an Olathe dentist office. In addition, the details you need to know about this prosthesis type should be provided below.


An Olathe Dentist Explains Dental Veneers: What are they?

To enhance a patient’s smile, the best dentist in Olathe can place veneers, which are thin shells, on the front teeth. They whiten teeth, fill in spaces in the front, and straighten crooked teeth. Therefore, they can significantly improve the aesthetics of a person’s smile.

They are long-lasting, stylish, and realistic looking. Porcelain veneers will appear the most lifelike compared to other materials. This is due to the fact that, similar to natural teeth, they reflect light. Composite veneers, although they mimic the color of natural teeth, lack this quality and do not endure nearly as long.


Olathe Dentist: Could You Please Tell Me Anything Else About Veneers?

A little bit of enamel needs to be ground off the tooth in order to make room for veneers. In order to properly attach the veneer to the tooth, this step is taken. The next step according to Waters Davidson is the same as with your natural teeth: regular brushing and flossing. Use a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste that has been approved by the American Dental Association for a minimum of two brushings per day.

The best dentist in Olathe explains that protecting your new teeth and flossing regularly are also crucial. That includes avoiding things like ice and other hard foods that could chip or crack the prosthetics. Waters Davidson explains the use of veneers can be a good option if you want a whiter, brighter smile or if you want to straighten your teeth.

Get in touch with an Olathe dentist office right away if you have any questions regarding this dental upgrade. No matter when it is most convenient for you, Waters Davidson can accommodate your schedule here in the office.

Olathe Dentist Office

An Olathe Dentist Explains Veneers Can Improve The Look Of Your Teeth

The best dentist in Olathe explains that veneers are thin porcelain shells that fit over your teeth. The porcelain is strong, but not as strong as your actual tooth enamel according to our experts at Waters Davidson. Veneers can be used to cover teeth that have been cracked or chipped. Perhaps your teeth have gotten cracked or chipped over time. It is also possible that your teeth have experienced sudden trauma, such as a car accident, that have cracked or chipped teeth all at once.

Veneers can also be used to cover teeth that have become discolored. Discolored teeth can happen through staining over time, such as through the use of caffeine or tobacco products. Teeth can also become discolored through medication use, such as chemotherapy medications.

Veneers are also used to correct earlier dental procedures, or crooked and misshapen teeth. Sometimes, when adults do not want to get braces to repair teeth over time, they choose veneers, especially when they suffer from misshapen teeth. For example, many people are born with teeth of different sizes or lengths that make their smile look uneven. Veneers give a uniform look to your teeth and are great for correcting the teeth you were born with but aren’t happy with.


An Olathe Dentist Explains the Most Effective Strategy for Extending the Life of Your Veneers

If you’re self-conscious about showing your front teeth when you smile, veneers are a great dental restoration option. Veneers, which are tiny porcelain coverings placed over damaged or discolored teeth, allow patients to reestablish their smiles. They are able to even out bite irregularities as well. Find out how long veneers last and what you can do to make them last longer in the following information.


An Olathe Dentist Explains Veneers’ Lifespan: How Many Years?

The best dentist in Olathe explains that veneers, with proper maintenance, can endure for up to fifteen years. On average, most people should come back to us for replacements after approximately ten years. Your veneers’ lifespan can be extended with proper care. To get the most out of this common dental restoration, you simply need to form the proper dental habits. If you want better oral health, taking good care of your teeth is a must at an Olathe dentist office.


An Olathe Dentist Explains Methods for Preserving Your Veneers

Similar to how certain habits can diminish the longevity of your natural teeth, they can also harm veneers. Veneers are not impervious to damage, but they can chip or crack. Hence, it’s best to avoid foods that require a strong bite or hard candies. Lessening one’s exposure to beverages like coffee, cola, or tea on a regular basis is also beneficial.

Waters Davidson says that maintaining excellent oral hygiene on a consistent basis is another way to preserve your veneers. Make it a habit to brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. Come in for a Waters Davidson checkup and professional cleaning from the best dentist in Olathe at least once every six months. Please consult with us regarding the possibility of obtaining a nightguard if you find that you grind your teeth while you sleep.

In a relatively short amount of time, veneers can transform the appearance of a smile. This is why it’s so important to maintain them properly to extend their lifespan. If this restoration sounds like something you might be interested in, contact an Olathe dentist office today.

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