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It can be embarrassing to have bad breath. It has an impact on your closest relationships and may have an impact on your career success. There are numerous possible reasons for foul breath, and visiting the best Olathe dentist or physician is necessary to “cure” it. Fortunately, our experts at Waters Davidson are here to help you combat dry mouth symptoms.


Why Dry Mouth Makes Bad Breath Hard to Cover Up

Bacteria are the source of all bad breath. There are bacteria in everyone’s mouth, and not all of them are harmful. Still, certain bacteria smell worse than others. Particularly odorous are the bacteria that reside in dental plaque and cause gum disease and cavities. That is why you should have a regular teeth cleaning in Olathe to combat the problem.

You would think that brushing and flossing your teeth would be our “one simple trick” at that point. And that’s a really wise idea. We are aware, though, that readers of this article have most likely already attempted that “trick.” Many people are unaware of how crucial saliva is for maintaining fresh breath. Saliva reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease, flushes away food particles and dental plaque, and neutralizes the acid byproduct of bacteria.

When you think about your personal experiences with dry mouth, it all makes perfect sense. Imagine waking up in the morning and having your mouth hanging open. Your breath is terrible, and your mouth feels completely dry. People with long-term dry mouth frequently have foul breath all the time.


Getting Rid of Dry Mouth

In the battle against dry mouth, there are some crucial steps.

With your dentist, go over your prescription options. Prescription drugs are actually a fairly common cause of dry mouth conditions. Dry mouth is a side effect of medications used to treat allergies, depression, and high blood pressure. Consult the best Olathe dentist about ways to reduce your dosage or substitute prescription medications if you take any and experience a noticeable dry mouth.

Maintain adequate hydration. Your body cannot produce saliva if it is dehydrated. Water is essential, and you should stay away from drinks that will further dehydrate you. Drinking water can help with bad breath. Anything containing alcohol, caffeine, or a lot of sugar falls under this category. All of them deplete your body of water, leaving you ultimately thirstier.

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Drink water all day long to combat this, according to the best Olathe dentist. Your primary beverage should be water, with other beverages serving as “extras.”


Make Use of Gentle Dental Care Products

Many people use harsh, potent mouthwashes and toothpastes in an attempt to mask their foul breath. In actuality, these may worsen the condition by drying out the mouth. Only toothpaste with mild flavors and mouthwash free of alcohol should be used by those who suffer from dry mouth.

For those with dry mouth, Biotene is a great brand that offers a full range of oral care products. Colgate’s Hydris mouthwash is an excellent alternative for dry mouth. You should also have a regular teeth cleaning in Olathe to combat the problem.


Apply Moisturizer to the Interior of Your Mouth

Biotene also produces other mouth moisturizing products that you can use all day. They produce a gel that replaces saliva and forms a moisture coating as well as a dry mouth spray.

Unlike breath spray, this works to lubricate and moisturize the inside of the mouth rather than just masking unpleasant odors. The majority of users report that their breath does seem better, and the improvement lasts longer than with a breath spray.

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Encourage the Natural Production of Saliva

These two methods are our preferred methods of stimulating saliva production, though there are other options as well. First, studies have shown that chewing sugar-free gum throughout the day increases the production of saliva produced by your salivary glands. Selecting a flavor that is fairly strong will enhance the effect; sour or tart flavors work particularly well.

The other technique for increasing salivary flow, according to experts at our general dentistry practice in Olathe KS, is only meant to be used at night. A person with dry mouth may find that it gets so painfully dry over night because the body naturally lowers its saliva production while we sleep (to prevent us from drowning). Before going to bed, xylimelts—tiny patches that release xylitol—are applied to the palate.

Saliva is produced during the night as xylitol, a naturally occurring sugar with a slight sweetness, is released into the mouth. For many people who experience dry mouth, these patches are a game-changer. They can be purchased online from Amazon as well as in a few pharmacies and grocery stores.

Do You Have More Questions Concerning Foul Breat

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