The Best Dentist in Olathe Recommends Flossing

Best Dentist in Olathe

The Best Dentist in Olathe Recommends Flossing

Do you floss? Or do you say you do, and then not really do it? The best dentist in Olathe recommends daily flossing for your children and your family. We all know how important it is to teach our children how to brush their teeth properly at a young age. But what does the best Olathe family dentist recommend when it comes to flossing?

The best Olathe family dentist, Waters Davidson knows that flossing daily is a critical part of proper dental hygiene, so it is critical to emphasize this with your child. This article will cover the basics of flossing and how you can incorporate it into your child’s daily routine.

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The Best Dentist in Olathe Discusses the Importance of Flossing

The ultimate goal of brushing your teeth is to remove as much plaque as possible. The best Olathe family dentist, Waters Davidson knows that brushing cannot remove all plaque that builds up on your child’s teeth.  Flossing will help remove any remaining plaque that a toothbrush is unable to reach.

The most troublesome areas for plaque buildup for children are between the teeth and under the gums.  Not only can flossing remove plaque between teeth and in the gums, but it can also assist with the following:


  • Removes debris or small pieces of food that are stuck between the teeth and under the gums
  • Helps polish the tooth’s surface
  • By removing bacteria, plaque, and small food particles, flossing can prevent bad breath


The best dentist in Olathe recommends flossing at least once a day. Each flossing session should be 2-3 minutes to be most effective.

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The Best Dentist in Olathe Discusses Different Types of Dental Floss

Combined with regular brushing, consistent flossing is the most effective way to avoid plaque buildup.  There are multiple types of floss available, which include:

  • Flavored or Unflavored
  • Smooth or Textured
  • Waxed or Unwaxed

Be sure to talk to the best Olathe family dentist, to determine what type of floss would be best for your child.


The Best Dentist in Olathe Discusses Flossing Methods

Learning to floss might be a challenge at first for your child. According to the best dentist in Olathe, children may need help with proper flossing until they are 8 to 10 years old. There are different flossing techniques you can use to help your child feel more comfortable, like:

  • Loop Method – wrap each end of floss around all fingers on each hand (except the thumb)
  • Spool Method – wrap each floss end around one finger on each hand
  • Pre-Threaded Flosser – great for kids first learning to floss and are disposable after they are done


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